Product Key Features


  • All our products are UL Certified
  • 99.8% uptime
  • Outdoor weather proof
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Sponsorship opportunity
  • Customized color design
  • Hub-Satellite architecture
  • Shared power load-balancing
  • Unlocked SIM
  • Warranty period for the product is 3 years
charge large variety of vehicles

Competitive Advantages

The Benefit of EV Charging Anywhere:

Generate New Revenue

Raise Guest Satisfaction

Elevate Your Brand

Awareness, put your business as a destination on the EV Charging Map

Three ways of payment: Hotel Honor/Membership, Pay by Phone App, Credit Card

Charging Destinations


multiple color options to match your brand

Color options

Multiple color and wrap options to add personalized branding to your location.

chargers in a work place retains top talent

Company Workplace

Employee recruitment and retention by adding Charging Stations as an employee benefit package helps to attract and retain top talent.

new and unique destination visitors based on the availability of charging stations

Hospitality: Hotel, Restaurant, Gas Stations & Retail

EV drivers choose their unique destinations based on the availability of Charing Stations from their EV Network.

Alternative revenue stream from return customers


In addition to tenant attraction and retention, it is also a revenue stream from daily return customers.

Electrical Vehicles are rapidly rowing from niche to normal.  A Bloomberg New Engergy Finance report predicts that sales of electric vehicles will increase to 11 million in 2025 and 30 million in 2030.