Our charging stations are compatible with every electric vehicle on the market today.

Level 1 – Refers to Charging at 120v standard outlet.

This is the basic level of charging equipment and can charge an electric vehicle from a standard residential wall outlet.
Although it can only add about 5 miles per hour of charging, the advantages to Level 1 include low hardware costs and convenience. For example, if you charge your EV overnight with a Level 1 charger, you should have 40 miles of range in the morning which could be sufficient for your daily commute.

Level 2 – Charging at a higher voltage, 208V-240V outlet

This is the most commonly available type of public EV Chargers and is compatible with most electric vehicles.
This type of charger can be installed by an electrician or polugged into a 240v outlet with a dedicated 40amp circuit.
Level 2 chargers allow you to charge faster and typically add 20 miles of range per hour of charging.

Level 3 – Charges at 200V-600V

Commonly called DC Fast Charge (DCFC).  DCFC station charges at rates between 20-350kW.  These are expensive to install and operate.  They are typically used for road trips or charging is needed in a hurry.

Management App

We are your full-service provider, offering a line of EV Charging stations and management solutions to meet your needs. With the right charging management software you can remotely track, manage, and process billing for your charging stations right from your mobile device.

We prefer to capitalize on the fact that everyone has a mobile interface which reduces the need to place expensive hardware such as touch screens, credit card readers, and keypads at every single charging space making the experience Simple and Straight-Forward.

Log In website where your customers can create an account, which includes email, car type, and payment method. This charging method is available for all mobile devices.

EV Network

There are many charging networks in the United States.

The challenge is the largest networks may not be compatible with one another.
This problem is two fold:

As an EV Driver, you may have to download several apps due to the various incompatible charging networks.
As an EV Charging station owner or operator, you may be locked into a certain brand of hardware that is only compatible with a particular network.

EV Charging Anywhere can enable you to offer a complete EV charging solution that can manage any Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) capable charging station, regardless of the manufacturer or network operator. Furthermore, we can integrate EV Charging with other electric mobility apps and connected systems.


Many regions may have incentives in place to encourage their implementation as well as available subsidies for the electricity cost.

For electric vehicle incentives and rebates in your area, please contact us or call use at 949-753-1190.